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"inspiring ‘life-long learning’ through the art of mastery and competency based coaching”
  1. Business Coaching
    The greatest challenge SME's face is moving from owner operator to owner director. Through business planning tools, statistical analysis and efficiency strategies, I can help shift your focus from the day-to-day rush to the long term focus.
  2. Consulting
    A consultant offers clarity and direction for business owners and managers. Seeing your business through a fresh set of eyes, a consultant can offer up various ideas which improve productivity and can add significant value to your bottom line.
  3. Business systems and tools
    Having written over 30 budgets for various sized organisations, I understand the importance of business planning. Using tools such as SWOT analysis and strategic models, I can develop a user friendly template that suits your business needs.
  4. Financial reporting/analysis
    Having been a Financial Controller for many years, I am well-equipped in the use of Excel and exception reporting tools. I understand the month end reporting process and the use of forecast models and rolling budgets.
  5. Compliance
    Whether it is in the VET sector or general compliance and risk management, my years of risk planning provides me with skills that add value to your business and help improve your overall risk tolerance whilst managing compliance.
  6. Mastery Sessions
    Sessions establish learning and development benchmarks. Theoretical perspectives and practical tools help present the ideal 'master' manager. Learners measure their level of competence and form a development plan.
  7. VET Training/Assessment
    Require a last minute trainer? As a qualified TAE40110 (with LLN) trainer I can assist with hospitality and business units within all Certificate level courses. Furthermore, my MBA qualifications means that I can also deliver Bachelor programs/courses.
  8. Tutoring
    With ten years experience as a lecturer and facilitator, I can provide guidance and support throughout your studies. Whether it is preparing for an exam or drafting and proof reading your case study report, I will help provide clarity and direction.
  9. Training
    Starting with organsational outcomes, I will scaffold individual learning programs that match your employees capabilities with desired learning outcomes. This can be developed as a face-to-face program or as an online collaborative environment.